What exactly is a Kite-Surf?, Who does it suit and how to get started?

Kite-Surf is surfing on a surfboard connected to a Kite sail that uses wind power. The Kite is designed with bayonets containing air, used to maintain stability and allow the Kite to take off from the water.
The Kite is connected to a steering bar that controls the Kite using four wires each 20-27 meters length , and the steering bar is connected to a harnness that is worn by the surfer .

Who does Kite-Surf suit?

Kite-Surf is suitable for both men, women and children over the age of 13. You don’t need any prior knowledge or physical fitness. The kites and surfboards vary in size to suit the surfer. Kite-Surf has become an extremely popular Extreme Sports in recent years thanks to the great improvement that has been made in the equipment and a unique study method developed in Eilat.

Getting Started

CONTACT US , and sign up for a Kite-Surf course that consists of 3 sessions of 2 hours each session:

First Lesson – the most important theory, learn to assemble the equipment and use it’s different parts,
Kite control practice in the water with an instructor.

Second Lesson– practice putting the equipment together, learn the right way to integrate the surfboard whilst controlling the Kite and start trying to stand up on the surfboard.
Third Lesson– improve surfing capabilities and style. At the end of the course you’ll have enough theory, tools and security to continue to practice.
At Surf Center all practical parts of the lessons are individual.
Lessons are carried out with modern and safety standard equipment. All our instructors are professional and experienced and the boat that accompanies the lessons is equipped with a walkie talkie system that is connected to students helmets logistically providing effective and personal training.
On finishing the course it’s highly recommended to purchase equipment!!! Successful Kite-Surf is largely due to the equipment you use, so come visit our store at the end of the course and enjoy professional advice and special prices we offer our courses graduates.

Pick Up Services

Once you have finished the course and have the equipment we have established an innovative program for you to continue to practice in the safest way possible. Our program includes getting you safely into the water, an hour of practice and a pick-up service safely back to the beach by one of our patrol boats.
Good luck and great surfing!

Why Us?

Surf Center surf club has over 23 year’s reputation and is a renowned marine trademark in Israel. All our instructors are professionally trained to the highest of standards; some of whom are Wingate graduates, majoring in sailing. A positive attitude, patience and a relaxed pleasant atmosphere is our prime superiority and ensures our students receive high standard service with a smile.
The club is located in Eilat on Coral Beach, opposite the Orchid Reef Hotel.
Fantastic weather all year round, comfortable water temperatures and perfect sea conditions have placed Eilat on the map as one of the world’s prime resorts to learn Kite surfing.

For further information, please contact us at + 972 8-6371602